The Many Benefits of Kratom

People from southern Asia, especially in the South east, have been using kratom for thousands of years and seem to be quite satisfied with their plant pal, but why? The benefits of kratom are vast, and varied, but there are some core features which make it so desirable to both those in Asia, as well as those in western countries.

Some of these beneficial effects are: a euphoric experience, considerable pain relief, assistance with withdrawal from a variety of drugs (opiates primarily), and, depending upon the strain, energy or sedation.

benefits of kratom

Vein Types

Because the effects can vary from strain to strain, I’ll overview the perks of different vein types of kratom/strains and the benefits they provide.

Red Veins

Reds are one of the most used types of kratom due to their high levels of pain relief potential, euphoric effects and applications for stopping addictions. Definitely the most sedative vein type.

Green Veins

Green veins are also usually quite good for pain relief, and last quite a while. They are slightly less sedating than the reds, and also have good applications for addiction and depending upon the strain, euphoria as well.

White Veins

Whites are very short acting in comparison to other vein types. They are quite energetic, but aren’t typically the best for pain relief and addiction. Provides a clear-headed experience, and an uplifting effect.


As with veins, there are many different strains of kratom, some of the most popular I’ll expand upon here.

Maeng Da

My favorite strain. Combines both energy with pain relief in high quantities. Has had good use for addiction cessation, but may be too stimulating for those prone to anxiety.


Super sedative, super pain relief, great for addiction applications. Quite cheap in comparison to most strains, a good place to start with kratom.


Very similar to Bali, but more variable in effects from plant to plant.


Great strain, one of the most clear-headed sedative varieties of kratom. Great pain relief, ideal for addiction applications, definitely bad for energetic effects if that’s what you’re into. The benefits of this kratom are quite predictable and as this post states, quite clean in effect.


One of the most unique strains. While not the best for the primary uses of kratom, it can pack quite a punch when it comes to energy. Some varieties of Thai, such as RVT, can actually provide a good deal of pain relief, but it is highly variable.



While I don’t have as much experience with this variety of kratom, all of my experiences have been quite positive. This strain has been quite good for pain relief, and quite clear-headed. Typically feels to me like a cross between a Thai and a Borneo. Great, versatile variety of kratom.

As you can see, the kratom benefits of each strain can vary quite wildly depending upon the strain and vein type that is chosen. Also, each strain effects individuals differently as is apparent in this post,, so testing may be necessary.

Some Decent Kratom Recipes

Kratom recipes is a topic that either leaves people in disgust at considering making anything from kratom, or excites, because they obviously have a recipe they want to share. These recipes can range from a simple kratom smoothie or drink, to a spaghetti sauce. There are a few that I have tried, and I’ll give my own personal impression of whether or not they are worth the work.





One of the first kratom recipes I found from, which was a kratom chai drink. Considering that I love chai, I thought what the hell, and proceeded to buy one of those Starbucks chai concentrate mixes as was suggested.

For this, I condensed my average dose of kratom tea to about 4 ounces, poured it into a cup, heated some chai mix and added on top. Surprisingly, this was extremely effective, and I’ve been going through one of those chai concentrate bottles a week. My favorite recipe so far.

Juice Blend

Another suggestion I got was to mix my kratom with a juice of my choice in one of those protein powder blender bottles. This method honestly isn’t too bad, and I tend to use grapefruit juice as it masks the taste and may have some potential potentiation ability. The ((blender bottle – link to blender bottle)) is great though, as it is the only way I’ve found to cleanly mix kratom in a drink in a short amount of time. Not the tastiest, but I highly suggest this method if you’re in a rush.

Although I’m not yet brave enough to try kratom in everyday foods, I have tried it in honey. Sadly, I don’t like honey, and that made it even harder to go down. Some people love this stuff, but it’s not my thing. Definitely worth a shot though if you’re interested.



Primary Alkaloids in Kratom

Although I’m an “artist”, it doesn’t mean I don’t have an unnatural preoccupation with the sciences – especially pharmacology. One of the areas which I am most interested in is kratom’s alkaloids. Because the alkaloids found in this plant were so unusual in comparison to anything we have seen, we are still unsure of their entire spectrum of effects. However, we do know a bit which I’ll share today. Here are some of the main alkaloids in kratom.


This alkaloid is responsible for most of kratom’s painkilling and mood boosting effects, and tends to be active at very low doses. It is a fairly potent mu-opiod receptor agonist.


This is the most abundant alkaloid found in kratom, and has activity at the mu-opiod receptor (not very strong) as well as some action at adrenergic and serotonergic receptors, impacting endorphins, adrenaline and serotonin to some extent.


Another common alkaloid in kratom, composing around 7% of the plant’s total alkaloid content. This alkaloid is a smooth muscle relaxer, and may have effects that are yet unknown.

There are in fact over 25 known alkaloids found within kratom, most of which we have never seen before in any other plant. added a pretty good overview of alkaloids found in kratom you can find here: if you are so inclined.

Why Maeng Da is Awesome

Maeng Da kratom is one of those types of kratom, which I don’t believe will ever become unpopular, despite the gradually increasing variety and potency of kratom. The reason for this is the unique effects of this strain. As I deal with a unique breed of pain, I have found it tremendously effective for both killing pain and providing a good deal of energy. In this post, I’ll share some of my personal experiences with maeng da kratom, and why it is one of my favorites.

maeng da

My Experiences

The first kratom strain I tried was a Bali, and despite its sedation, I knew there was definitely something to kratom. While browsing my kratom vendor’s website, I found a kratom known as “maeng da”. Despite being a good deal more expensive than the Bali I was used to, I thought what the hell, and decided to try some, and that was one of the best decisions I have made involving kratom.

The first time I took Maeng Da, it was like a light bulb went off in my head. First, my pain was almost entirely gone, and second, I had more motivation to work than I have had in months. Although, I had completed my necessary work earlier that day, I cleaned my whole house – quite thoroughly, I might add – in under a few hours.

If you’re like me and you want pain relief, or general euphoric effects from a strain without clouding your thoughts, or causing any sedation, maeng da is fantastic. Even though this experience was over a year ago, this strain still provides me with the same effects, despite a small adjustment for my current tolerance.

Interesting Facts

Over the years, I have heard some unique facts about maeng da that I’m glad to have heard. One of the most interesting aspects, its history, can be found in this article on maeng da kratom. The article traces the origin of the strain to a plantation in Indonesia which was intent on creating a new strains of kratom between two separate plants by the horticultural process of grafting. Their best hybrid strain was maeng da.

Something else that not many people know is that the original variety of this strain was a horned leaf, and many strains marketed as this strain still are. However, through interbreeding of different strains, maeng da has morphed into a large variety of different strains, keeping its effects more or less.

Because of different varieties of this strain, it is important to go through legitimate suppliers to make certain you are getting a quality variety that fits your own preference and wanted effects.

Kratom and Modafinil – Breakfast of Champions

Although I don’t use this combination nearly as much as I used to, it has been enormously influential when it comes to producing high quality art for me. For those of you who are unfamiliar, kratom is a plant that grows naturally in some parts of Southern Asia including Thailand and Indonesia. Modafinil, on the other hand, is a very unique substance that promotes wakefulness and productivity, without causing the side effects that other stimulants cause.

modafinil and kratom

Kratom’s Effects

When I take kratom, I typically have a surge of energy and motivation at around the one hour point, depending on the strain I use (Thai and MD seem to be best in my experience). Kratom also has a unique effect of providing a mental positivity and endurance that is needed for very intensive work, however, these effects are only half of the coin.

Modafinil’s Effects

Modafinil is unparalleled in my mind for focus, natural motivation and productivity. Around 30 minutes after taking modafinil, I enter a state that I like to call “The Anti-Fugue” as I am exceptionally aware of my surroundings, yet have the ability to focus my consciousness fully on one topic without the attention draining impulses I am used to.

Combined Effects

Where it really gets neat is when they are combined, however. The mood and mental endurance of kratom combined with the focus and awareness of modafinil create one of the best combinations for any creative work that I have used. I previously was prescribed stimulants for this use, but I dropped them long ago thanks to this combination.

For any of you who are interested in this combination, getting your hands on modafinil may be difficult. I suggest using the combination of adrafinil (an unscheduled pro-drug of modafinil) and kratom. The effects are quite similar, but take a bit longer to kick in. With adrafinil, I don’t suggest using it over three months, as it can alter liver enzyme levels of a long period of time.

I hope this combination is as effective for you as it is for me.