My Experiences with Bali Kratom


Although I used to be a big fan of Bali kratom, I have nowadays found myself quite tired of it. I know there are some hardcore Bali enthusiasts as I used to be, but it seems that the longer I go, the less I like it. Despite that, this strain does have a lot of qualities that make it worthwhile, so don’t let my opinion interfere in your own judgment of the strain.

One of the best things Bali is good for is pain relief. I relied on a few great Bali strains to get me through some post-surgical pain years ago, where most other types of kratom fell quite short. Additionally, it is pretty affordable and tends to be quite potent overall.

If I had to condense why I rarely ever use Bali anymore, it would be the odd stimulation that I experience on it. When I first started using Bali, I hardly recognized this effect because the potency overpowered it, but as I go on, it seems to me that this strain has an odd almost uncomfortable (to me) stimulation that was once barely noticeable to me, but has become more apparent. I have had another long-time kratom user note that this strain had a mild dirty stimulation effect on him, and I feel that’s a good way to describe it.

It seems to me that only a small portion of kratom users experience this odd stimulation, and it is probably a good thing for them.

Bali can be a great kratom, but it isn’t for me. However, I still urge you to try it if you haven’t and judge the effects yourself, as some long-term kratom users are massive Bali fans.



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