Primary Alkaloids in Kratom

Although I’m an “artist”, it doesn’t mean I don’t have an unnatural preoccupation with the sciences – especially pharmacology. One of the areas which I am most interested in is kratom’s alkaloids. Because the alkaloids found in this plant were so unusual in comparison to anything we have seen, we are still unsure of their entire spectrum of effects. However, we do know a bit which I’ll share today. Here are some of the main alkaloids in kratom.


This alkaloid is responsible for most of kratom’s painkilling and mood boosting effects, and tends to be active at very low doses. It is a fairly potent mu-opiod receptor agonist.


This is the most abundant alkaloid found in kratom, and has activity at the mu-opiod receptor (not very strong) as well as some action at adrenergic and serotonergic receptors, impacting endorphins, adrenaline and serotonin to some extent.


Another common alkaloid in kratom, composing around 7% of the plant’s total alkaloid content. This alkaloid is a smooth muscle relaxer, and may have effects that are yet unknown.

There are in fact over 25 known alkaloids found within kratom, most of which we have never seen before in any other plant. added a pretty good overview of alkaloids found in kratom you can find here: if you are so inclined.


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