Some Decent Kratom Recipes

Kratom recipes is a topic that either leaves people in disgust at considering making anything from kratom, or excites, because they obviously have a recipe they want to share. These recipes can range from a simple kratom smoothie or drink, to a spaghetti sauce. There are a few that I have tried, and I’ll give my own personal impression of whether or not they are worth the work.





One of the first kratom recipes I found from, which was a kratom chai drink. Considering that I love chai, I thought what the hell, and proceeded to buy one of those Starbucks chai concentrate mixes as was suggested.

For this, I condensed my average dose of kratom tea to about 4 ounces, poured it into a cup, heated some chai mix and added on top. Surprisingly, this was extremely effective, and I’ve been going through one of those chai concentrate bottles a week. My favorite recipe so far.

Juice Blend

Another suggestion I got was to mix my kratom with a juice of my choice in one of those protein powder blender bottles. This method honestly isn’t too bad, and I tend to use grapefruit juice as it masks the taste and may have some potential potentiation ability. The ((blender bottle – link to blender bottle)) is great though, as it is the only way I’ve found to cleanly mix kratom in a drink in a short amount of time. Not the tastiest, but I highly suggest this method if you’re in a rush.

Although I’m not yet brave enough to try kratom in everyday foods, I have tried it in honey. Sadly, I don’t like honey, and that made it even harder to go down. Some people love this stuff, but it’s not my thing. Definitely worth a shot though if you’re interested.




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