The Many Benefits of Kratom

People from southern Asia, especially in the South east, have been using kratom for thousands of years and seem to be quite satisfied with their plant pal, but why? The benefits of kratom are vast, and varied, but there are some core features which make it so desirable to both those in Asia, as well as those in western countries.

Some of these beneficial effects are: a euphoric experience, considerable pain relief, assistance with withdrawal from a variety of drugs (opiates primarily), and, depending upon the strain, energy or sedation.

benefits of kratom

Vein Types

Because the effects can vary from strain to strain, I’ll overview the perks of different vein types of kratom/strains and the benefits they provide.

Red Veins

Reds are one of the most used types of kratom due to their high levels of pain relief potential, euphoric effects and applications for stopping addictions. Definitely the most sedative vein type.

Green Veins

Green veins are also usually quite good for pain relief, and last quite a while. They are slightly less sedating than the reds, and also have good applications for addiction and depending upon the strain, euphoria as well.

White Veins

Whites are very short acting in comparison to other vein types. They are quite energetic, but aren’t typically the best for pain relief and addiction. Provides a clear-headed experience, and an uplifting effect.


As with veins, there are many different strains of kratom, some of the most popular I’ll expand upon here.

Maeng Da

My favorite strain. Combines both energy with pain relief in high quantities. Has had good use for addiction cessation, but may be too stimulating for those prone to anxiety.


Super sedative, super pain relief, great for addiction applications. Quite cheap in comparison to most strains, a good place to start with kratom.


Very similar to Bali, but more variable in effects from plant to plant.


Great strain, one of the most clear-headed sedative varieties of kratom. Great pain relief, ideal for addiction applications, definitely bad for energetic effects if that’s what you’re into. The benefits of this kratom are quite predictable and as this post states, quite clean in effect.


One of the most unique strains. While not the best for the primary uses of kratom, it can pack quite a punch when it comes to energy. Some varieties of Thai, such as RVT, can actually provide a good deal of pain relief, but it is highly variable.



While I don’t have as much experience with this variety of kratom, all of my experiences have been quite positive. This strain has been quite good for pain relief, and quite clear-headed. Typically feels to me like a cross between a Thai and a Borneo. Great, versatile variety of kratom.

As you can see, the kratom benefits of each strain can vary quite wildly depending upon the strain and vein type that is chosen. Also, each strain effects individuals differently as is apparent in this post,, so testing may be necessary.


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