The Perks of Borneo Kratom Strains

Although I have talked a lot about my preference for stimulating kratom, I am in no way a fundamentalist in this regard. I do enjoy sedating kratom strains quite a bit, just not for the work that I do, or for the daytime in general. However, of all sedating kratom strains, Borneo is by far my favorite.

Why I Like Borneo

It’s not an easy question to answer why I like Borneo strains, I really just do – they tend to affect me well. My favorite quality about Borneo is that the sedation is pronounced, but doesn’t have any of the dirty effects that I’ve found in many other sedative strains. A good Borneo kratom strain is extremely effective for anxiety and stress, whereas other sedative strains don’t seem to have as much of that unique quality as reliably.

When I take Borneo strains, I prefer not to have anything left to do that day, as often I will find myself watching a movie or reading a book for hours on accident. Another personal testament to its anti-anxiety potential. I prefer red vein because they seem to affect me in a more predictable way, whereas I have occasionally found some green vein Borneo strains to be unusually stimulating.

Borneo is by far my night-time favorite, and it can put me out real quick, given the strain is right. Even if you prefer stimulating strains, I definitely suggest you give this strain a shot.




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