Using Kratom for Energy

energyAlthough I recently detailed my post about using modafinil with kratom, and how effective it is for me, kratom alone can be pretty great for energy if you are able to choose the right strains. For me, and for many other people, there are a few great strains for this purpose which I’ll outline.


Choosing the Right Strain

In order to get the best energetic effects for your buck, choosing the right strain is bar-none in importance. My two strains for this purpose are Thai and Maeng Da. However, for me, not any Thai strain will do, as some seem to be lacking in the endurance area, leaving me to only use Red Vein Thai varieties. Maeng Da, on the other hand, tends to have this relatively high level of endurance-boosting ability naturally, though there have been some exceptions for me.


In order to get the most out of your chosen kratom strain, I have found that using the correct dose is very important. For me, my sweet spot tends to reside at around 4 grams for Maeng Da, and 5 grams for most RVT strains. However, it can vary a bit, as both dosing too low or too high can diminish energy.

Another important thing to consider is to dose on an empty stomach. I have had much better results with energy when my dose is taken on an empty stomach.


Something that I have found helpful with stimulating strains is to re-dose in small quantities. E.g. Take an extra 1.5 grams for every hour after the initial dose. This tends to maintain a higher level of energy for me personally. I also suggest checking out adrafinil or modafinil if you want a real wake-me-up without side effects.


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